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You don't need to fill in [keypair.snk] value. It's used only in some specific scenarios.

EDIT: Hmm, it works for me:
         DumbAssembly 0.5.5
{smartassembly} unpacking tool by arc_

Loading input file...
Assembly is [Powered by SmartAssembly].
Module has 766 methods.
Fixing spliced code...
Resolving indirect imports...
Decrypting strings...
Decrypting and extracting resources...
Rebuilding with RebelDotNET...
Merging decrypted resources into assembly...
Re-signing with KoW.exe.snk...
Completed unpacking in 5857 ms
Output exe (KoW_.exe) is fully functional.

Are you sure you're trying to fix the correct file? If DeSmart or another tool already modified KoW.exe, DumbAssembly might give unexpected results. Try re-downloading the file from mediafire and check again.

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