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Default Content Advisor Help

I have turned on Content Advisor in IE6 or IE8 and I have blocked all websites except some websites that need to be accessed. Now there is a one site which has variable java script and content advisor shows a menu that that variable java script can't be allowed to be viewed. The problem is java script code is random and I can't add it in content advisor entries.

Is there a way to let access that random java script that runs within that particular website when content advisor is turned on?

In other words I can say that:
I'm triyng to use content advisor to restrict the sites allowed for some

The problem that I have is that even if a site is allowed in the content
adviser allowed sites it is blocking the javascripts.

I've found that if I know the javascript function name I can add it in the
allowed sites (it works). But I don't want to add all functions one-by-one (I
don't even know their names).

What I need is a way to allow all javascript functions running in one
allowed site (I've already add this site to the trusted sites and allowed
everything in here).

Can someone please help me with this ?

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