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Default "Cracking", Where to start?

Well, hey
* I don't even know if that's the right section for posting - Sorry for that *
I'm just new out there to all the Reverse Engineering thing, and I'm really willing to learn.
I had a book named "Reversing: Secrets of reversing Engineering", it's great and I understand lots of things in it.
However, I don't feel this is how I should begin in Reverse Engineering.
I always wished to create cracks, keygens and other stuffs such as patches, etc. I always wanted to do that for fun, no more no less.
Well, I know C#, C++. I know web programming stuff such as ASP .net and PHP, but I don't think those are needed. If the languages I know aren't enough, just point me to the right languages I should learn, and surely will start doing so.
I just wanna know where should I start to be able to crack programs at the end.

Thank you
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