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  • String decryption.
  • Renaming. I like that it has button1_Click, is that automatic?
  • Control flow deobfuscation
Sometimes control flow deobfuscation doesn't work and leaves obfuscated code (for instance Namespace_02.Class_02.ctor), sometimes it leaves broken code! For example Namespace_02.Class_02.Method_02 in your version:
public static byte[] Method_02()
    // This item is obfuscated and can not be translated.
    byte[] destinationArray = new byte[Field_08.Length];
    Array.Copy(Field_08, destinationArray, Field_08.Length);
    int num = 0;
    if (num >= destinationArray.Length)
        return destinationArray;
Good version:
public static byte[] Method_2()
    byte[] destinationArray = new byte[Field_8.Length];
    Array.Copy(Field_8, destinationArray, Field_8.Length);
    for (int i = 0; i < destinationArray.Length; i++)
        destinationArray[i] = (byte) (destinationArray[i] ^ 0x40);
    return destinationArray;
Here's my deobfuscated version of LibX's crackme, with my control flow deobfuscator and Kurapica's renamer:
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