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my bad it was a drunken stoned out state where paranoia runs high and ramblings are prevelant and organization is no longer within my grasp. but the overall goal of the article that i meant was using different subtelties and mannerisms to throw people off as not the real you when your anywhere people can't use apperances. say jimmy works at a big cell company and for some reason u want to get sensitive information where jimmy works portraying yourself as jimmy. you don't know jimmy in real life so can't result to recon to see mannerisms speech and overall walk. but if one could be so smart as to read beetween the lines on where jimmy visists. he could findout these same mannerisms to use on the poor late shift guy who is getting reversed socially. since he has probably never talked to jimmy considereding he is a high up power and has no need to talk to third shift security people. then you could implement these mannerisms u picked up from tracking him online. establishing dialogue via email instant chat services or so on. snooping his forum posts that he uses from the email account you already know and so on. alot can be found out from a little bit i think and that was my entire gist of the article dunno how much this clears it up?
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