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it seems to me that using a unique style or script kiddy(ing) in several forums would only single you out more. the third party person could then just search out the paranoid, emotionally disrupted, or perhaps even childish employee and imitate him even more precisely.

no offense is intended here.

i am simply pushing the point that singling oneself out may not be the best way to accomplish anonymity.

i am also one who rambles on so i will try to stick to my point, i hope.

people tend to have several personalities and attitudes, especially on the internet. at times on may think they are being ellusive not realizing they are leaving imprints of their traits. one with a keen eye for such things may pick up on this and implement their research in just the opposite way the so-called ellusive person had intended.

any way that is just my 1/2 cent remark!
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