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Question Patching Text-To-Speech (Very important)

Dear guys!
I have patching experiences with some debuggers, but It is very important to patch the Text-To-Speech application created by RosaSOFT company.
I was patching the previous version from OLLY DBG, but there are some issues.
The file which checks activation is called "data.bin", and I think that it is luajit bytecode.
Further more, I was trying to decompile luajit using luadec, but I think that file is encrypted.
I need help how to decrypt the file and to decompile it, to try to make a keygen, or to patch it symple.
Application supports and hardlock activation also, but I want to try patching the code activation version.
In this version, main DLL library does not checks the registry "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\RosaSOFT\WinTalke r Voice".
In previous version I was symply patched this check, but in this version I cannot.
The entire application is here:
Best regards.


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