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I was going to share my dump publicly but I don’t want any blowback for my employer. I have worked there for 20 yrs. They recently purchased the software so it been bought already, lol. I’m the only one with the dongle and it would be easy to figure out who shared it from what you’ve told me. Lol, I just wanted a copy of my software where I can use at home without the dongle. There is no cracked version of my software on the web. I have a demo version “Trialware” that I can reset but it’s an older version and lacks certain features I needed. I tried to hardcode the return values from Sx32w.dll but I ran into issues that I don’t have time to investigate. I was going to share that version but that seems in doubt now. They sure incorporated that licensing API very well and there isn’t a lot of information in the forums I can access that deals with Sentinel Licensing API reversal. It’s been a shit ton of debugging. I was lucky there was no shell and very little anti-debugging code used (they have it setup that if I try to place a breakpoint on certain functions it throws an error but only certain functions). I have to admit I’ve learned quite a bit in the last few months, it’s been fun. But I think now that I have a dongle dump and the latest version of my software, it’s time I devote myself to learning how to use it.

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