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Default Thanks to all for your kindly help!!!! Now it runs perfect!!!

Hi, with the multikey it is really simple and good!

The prob was the softkey. If you don't start the softkey in special folder on the cd before the installation, the prog gives out a fake/lie, 5 times each start, that the hardlock is missing!!!! That's not the true!!!

You must start the softkey and enter a special hardwarebased code, then the softkey starts the installation! No other way possible!

I've never seen such a constellation until now. Normaly, start the installation by autostart or setup.exe, that's it. You do, the installation run, start after that ACAD and then show you: hardwarelock is missing 5 times every start! After one day, you've seen often, you believe it!

The multikey, my first meet from here in the forum, is a fine worker. Absolutely no prob's for using on my notebook without an lpt-port, without a real dongle. It does everything as it should. Thanks to all the members who helped me!

The dongle is for the following prog: 3D Studio Viz R3i from Autodesk.

I've found a 3dsviz.exe without dongle neccessary! But, there is a password neccessary!!!!

Is here anyone, who can crack the password???? [pup = rar]

I have done myself, 20-digits

Thank you anyway.

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