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Default Emulating Hasp HL Pro (purple)

I have this exact model (purple).

Lets clear some things out:

1. This is NOT HASP Hardlock;
2. It doesn't have any MODAD;
3. Passwords are like this eg. 1FB4-3DC9 so the dump file looks like: 1FB43DC9.dmp
3. The dump file has random size with HASPHL2007 (maybe its not a good dump).
4. The hasp driver used is: Aladdin Hasp HL Driver v5.20.130.1
5. Windows XP SP2 detects my dongle as: HASP HL v2.16

Now The real thing:

1. With h5dmp.exe v1.40 public edition ( it generated hasp.dmp (719 bytes) and hhl_mem (128 bytes).
2. Then with UniDumpToReg.exe by sataron! ver. 1.1b5 PB I create 1FB43DC9.reg for vUSB Hasp HL (not Hasp4 nor HardLock) and I add the reg. file to Registry.
3. After that (with my dongle unplugged) I install vUSBbus.inf, and vUSBbus.sys (Chingachguk & Denger2k (HL mod + )
v0.15.1.4). Windows finds my Aladdin dongle and installs it without problem.
4. Now if I run my application it gives me the: 1031 envelope error.

As I read every topic on this forum and finally get the point I need to add the QTable and ATable.

5. I uninstall vusb for now.
6. I install USB Filters, plug in my dongle and start Toro Aladdin Monitor.
7. I start my application and after 1 second, in the Toro Monitor windows I see the HASP HL pairs and down in the log file I have a lot of

HaspHL In:> Hasphl_decrypt, Length=16
HaspHL Out:> Hasphl_decrypt Status=0 (0x0)

I need to specify that I have only the Hasphl_decrypt function and the lenght varies Length=16, Length=32 and Length=48. It generates exactly 59 pairs.
But everytime I close and start agian my application it generates completly other 59 pairs.

So here I am with the questions:

1. If I run my application lets say 1000 times so I will have 59pairs x 1000 = 59000 pairs and put this info in the reg file, will my application work ?
2. Is there a limit with this randomness of pairs ? Are they really different questions and answers EVERYTIME ?
3. If I only have Hasphl_decrypt .. do I need QEncTable and AEncTable or if my application does not need these 2 tables ?
4. Beside application cracking, is there a solution for this somewhere with or without money ?

Thank you all from this forum for having the patience explaining to us newbies how to make things work. This is THE best forum ever regarding Hasp Emulation. God bless you people.
PS. even if the tools found here does not work with my dongle, I want to say that cEnginEEr is one hell of a genius. We hope to see HASLHL2008 asap
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