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Originally Posted by Kurapica View Post
I hope I understand your problem.

does this mean that you have a string-returning function that should return the string "3" and then all is ok ?

Is there a string with the value "3" somewhere in the metadata ?
Thanks for the response Kurapica; you must have sent it when I was responding to my own post, lol.

And yes, you understand the problem correctly, and no I don't think there were any strings with the value "3" from looking over the stream data, although I honestly don't know of a good way to search the actual values of the md streams effectively/efficiently. Largely because I'm not exactly sure how the data in the streams is delimited.

I'm using CFF Explorer to look at the streams, and while CFF has a listing of the various metadata tokens with corresponding #blob index values, I'm not exactly sure how the indexing works (is it referring to an absolute byte location in the stream or to a number of elements from the beginning of the stream).

Is there a way to view a flat listing/indexed view of the elements in the metadata streams? ... because all I've been able to see is the hex/ascii view when I click on the stream, and I have to imagine there's a more efficient way to view the strings encoded in the blob than to have to scan through the jumbled clutter of text in the hex view one at a time.

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