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Default Dinkey SDK/Emulator/Clone/SDSN

Hello I want to Ask Few Things Which I need to Confirm ..
1 ) Any proper tutorial or link for proper Emulator as i have Dinkey SDK
2) my SDK is locked to different SDSN than the i want to use from other dongle/software as i need to make CLONE and need the same SDSN which the present dongle is having .CAN i modify the SDSN of it ? because do not want it to be trace able any more.. only if its possible
3) or if i unpack the exes ( which is only possible if i have proper emulator ) can i protect it again with the SDSN i want .. that is why i need to modify the SDK first correct ?,, so any proper help
4) someone here who can do DINKEY TOLD THAT .. can not extract with other SDSN SDK .. that is why asking to modify the SDK with the SDSN of my CHoice
5) i need to make proper emulator of the dinkey .. or SAME Clone with same SDSN for that i need .. to know what should i do as i heared SDK will be of not so much help .. only driver i guess help... so what should i do ? please tell me ..
6) or any one here want to look on it ? i have dump logs n exes + SDK.. only if you think you could do it

Thanks a lot

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