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hi .. thanks for this info . i have also paid SDK with 10 dinkey dongles so in proper words i need to ask before making dongles as 2 files already protected with the dinkey need to remove dinkey from it ... Can i inject the dongle info into the exes ? which i already have for these files ? so can use it without emulator? means totally unpack it... if yes .. can you guide me with logs n dump i have ? what step should i take for this ?.. and what will be the difficult part of doing it ? and i also read your thread about dinkey that SDK DO NOT HAVE ALL THE INFO ? Can you tell me which info sdk do not have ? can you give me in private or here which ise usefull for me to unpack or to make emulator in vusbus or what ever ? i know you understand what i want to know .. atleast i can try all posiblities if i know what to do if you tell me.. so later i will protect them again with the dinkey's i have

is that possible ... i modify the SDSN ? so the dongle i use will work on same SDSN . which is already present in EXE ? .. so impossible to trace ? please advice

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