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Most of you are probably familiar with Marx's quote, "Religion is the opiate of the masses."

This begs the question, why do the masses need to be subdued?

A good book on this topic is "The Lucifer Principle." It outlines in greatly researched detail that masses of humans and their collective actions highly resemble individual organisms and their actions. Bloom uses the term, 'superorganism' to symbolize this concept.

One of the criteria for the existence of a superorganism is shared memes. This is the 'collective subconscious' of the superorganism that allows it to act without thinking. Regardless of what the conspiracy theorists believe, the stupid white men that make grand sweeping decisions that affect millions are but the brains of the superorganism. Bloom shows that we seem to be part of a giant pulsating superorganism that has its own agendas, of which we are only a part.

It seems clear to me that Marx may have been correct in his assumptions about religion subduing the masses in his day, but in our present day how much does it subdue? The belief structure/system that a superorganism holds forces it to move when stimulated in the proper ways. An interesting author called this a 'neucoid-coorelation matrix'.

So, if religion itself is merely a neucoid-coorelation matrix that is composed of memes that, when prodded in the correct ways, forces a superorganism to act, what then?

That, we must all decide for ourselves. Take for example the recent advertising campaign in america that uses the words, 'what would jesus drive' as its slogan. This campaign is prodding the neucoid-coorelation matrix of memes within the super-organism of fundementalist christians who look to jesus (their saviour) for the example of how to conduct their lives in ways that further their cause. Namely, reducing the consumption of foreign oil in america.

So, to conclude, it is true that religion is a 'mind control' system that is used to manipulate masses of people. But, it is not beyond the resources of a few individuals to reverse the belief system and use it to their own advantage. Just something to keep, 'in mind'.

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