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Great post linus!

Sai: I do believe in a "god" maybe not a God or a god but a "god" ... a collective subconscious as linus put it. It may be personified as a god or not, but I believe that to some degree it exists.

I like linus' interpretation of the wwjd advertising campaign. I never thought of it that way (especially the fact that it is designed to reduce foreign oil in america...strange...) but yes religion can very well be used as a mind control in that sort of fashion.

Religion fills a gap in the lives of most people in some way...and they need it. For some reason it makes the vast majority of our population feel like they are a part of something someone is watching over them.

It has also been used as a form of total control (ie the crusades, witch trials, settlers in america, etc.) thousands of times throughout history. It is (was?) a scary force to deal with on that level.

Religion has also influenced our laws, ideals as people, and ways of life so we must also look at it in a positive light. Although maybe not directly (if you don't fall for religion) it has influenced you to be the very person you are through your surroundings. We must look at it in a good way because our society, technology, and many things we have were discovered or invented partly or fully because of religion.

What are some of the good/bad points of religion?
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