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Default Broadening the topic...

I'd like to pose a slightly modified view RE the "mind control" issue.

Religion of an artifact of a society. It is an attempt to "civilize" the masses. In that respect, religion is a tool (and just one of many) used by a society to subdue it's members. Other tools would include television and radio (and possibly even computers and the internet?) It is civilization itself that is all about "Mind Control". Religion is just one of the ways to achieve the means.

Freud wrote a short text, "Civilization and It's Discontents." In it he proposes that civilization exists to suppress mankind's primal nature, but that this attempt is destined to fail. If you suppress these emotions by one means they'll find another way to re-emerge.

I believe that religion has been a very powerful tool used by civilization. Was religion originally intended to be used this way? Probably not. I picture one "caveman" sitting near a fire sharing his philosophy on life, with other "cavemen" nodding their heads in agreement, calling the first a "wise man". In all likelyhood, that first man didn't want to control anyone. He was just sharing his ideas. It's the others, without their own creative answers to life's mysteries, who put the first man up on a pedestal, creating a religion around his ideas (if not around the man himself).

Poor Jesus! Poor Buddha! The icons of religions around the world have become unwitting (and maybe even unwilling) pawns of a society that is using them to control others. But WHY???

Last question: What does a group (like the folks at the Vatican) gain through their use of religion in this way? Money? Power? Is that all it's really about?

I see that I've mostly posed questions and rambled on here! Sorry if my comments have been a waste! Also, please excuse my complete use of the masculine examples throughout! For all anyone knows, it was a woman that started this whole ball rolling :wink:
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