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Default ACPROTECT 1.41


you obviously missed the whole point of this thread. Feel free to be all "hey i can click a few buttons and cheat the protection" if you like, but take your business elsewhere in that case. The primary reason for this thread was to discuss the internal workings of ACProtect, document them, and find ways around the protections. Alas, the general lack of interest from board visitors put the thread to sleep (and only the kiss of a noble prince...)

Anyway. Ever wondered what 'cut thunks' actually does? Did the application you protected by any chance use MessageBoxA? Did it also use the ACProtect API? Didn't think so. So what you're really saying is "hey i can cheat the protection in a controlled environment, and the reason it works is because i didn't enable any advanced ACProtect features".

Also, i woulda thought the reason we don't want 'filez' here was obvious to anyone that had taken the time to register and write a handfull of posts. Guess i was wrong. If i ever needed any kind of 'filez' i could get them from someone that's not you.

Regards, sna
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