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Originally Posted by bball0002 View Post
you could just make a static unpacker.
That's what i would like to do (but first i need to understand how the encryption is done ).
It's my first time with .NET unpacking. I read many posts about .NET protections , and even if i agree that obfuctation /packing it's not a reliable way to protect your code , i don't agree with all saying that XHEO or other protection are totally crap . Obviously for one that has exeprience in RE those protection could seem easy to defeat , but the way the protection itself was thought it's quite smart to me. Embedding the code that does hooking / encryption in the .NET executable and then calling it from managed code it's not a bad idea , the way the protection loads itself and the anti debug tricks used are not bad .
Maybe it's just my point of view .
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