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i was hopping to get some explanation about DeployLX CodeVeil 4.1 "Code Encryption" (as they call it). What i did find on my own is that this is "easy"/"silly" protection but what i didn't find is some general overview/explanation of it.

To get involved in this reversing stuff is due to selecting some sort of .NET protection for my own project - and keeping in mind that it will be hacked

When i took a quick peek in my test app & codeviel (used only code enc) it was as is already known to public, no code avalible:
- i ran it thought CLR Profiler and no luck (only bytes from fat
method header, i think)
- used Reflector to dump .cctor code (call to CallWindowProcW)
- when used IDA on user32.dll with my app.exe and BP on
CallWindowProcW it shows that API is called with pointer
to .ctor of Program class and to Main method
- ...

And here im stuck due to lack of knowledge and experience with ASM / IDA stuff. So, i kindly ask you to help me with this - just some additional explanation and some pointers to get things moving again.

Thanks in advance,
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