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Originally posted by roozbeh@Apr 20 2005, 08:15 AM

i have problems adding my dll and functions to my windows ce exe file using iidking.
i like to know how can i manually do this,for example by using lordpe and puting it in the sections

and how can i know more about those thunkfirst,thunkvalues and ......

LordPe allows you to add every dll/import function you want. If you want to do it by hand you should study documents about the PE structure. I've found a nice document:
there are also a lot of other good documents (O'Leary, Luevelsmeyer and so on), however it is just a strcture, and you find its definitions in winnt.h include file (search IMAGE_NT_HEADERS).
When you add a dll/import by hand you just have to modify and probably relocate the import table pointed by the data directory
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