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No need to identify the software you're working on.

Originally posted by HoR@May 4 2005, 04:56 AM
It uses a series of 6 uppercase letters, but when I tried matching Alpha characters together (which I hoped this company just rearranged the alphabet) it didn't work.* Looking further into the program with PE Explorer and disassembling it there looked to be a relation to the computer name (if you change the computername it changes the software key letters)* and some long key with letters randomly taken from it... Its just frustrating because I feel that I'm over looking something that is probably really easy and the answer is right in front of me.
Were you looking for a Caesar's cipher? Try breaking in where it fetches the computer name instead (GetComputerName and GetComputerNameEx). When it breaks, single step the code for a while as the string will probably be copied around and trimmed and case forced and whatnot. Use hardware breakpoints (break on read) to track all copies of the string; then if you don't find anything while tracing just let it run and the breakpoints should turn up something.

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