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Default Reduce .Net Exe Assembly file size

Hi All,

I'm currently looking a way to strip down the size of a .Net Exe Assembly. Using a toolchain ilmerge->monolinker->eazobfuscator->monocecil (to remove security attributes), and removing the .rsrc section at the PE file, everything is working well so far.

But now, I would like to remove the .reloc section, as I have read in the book "IL 2.0 Assembler" p61 : "if the common language runtime header flags indicate that the image file is IL only (COMIMAGE_FLAGS_ILONLY), the operating system ignores the .reloc section altogether.".

But trying to remove this section is producing an invalid .NET PE files. I'm running on Windows 7 and I thought that It was a CLI-aware platform that doesn't require the reloc section and is going directly to the managed entry point.

Am i missing something here?
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