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Default For all those that don't understand

There is quite a vast network of knowledge across what is known as the internet today about various code re-engineering and encryption, and computers in general and all other electronic devices. But this knowledge is but a mere scuff on the side of the very large global meaning of reverse engineering. What you can learn from the PE and Schneier's Applied Cryptography is very little in comparison to a day of walking with your eyes open. Here I propose discussion of Reverse Engineering in a more global sense of the word. In the sense of Reality Reversing. It is my hope to start off this forum with a nudge but to soon be able to take a slight step back and learn from you as the visitors to this forum, about this sacred ritual we call consciousness. Some past works i've read on this topic include Be Here Now Now Be Here by Baba Ram Dass, and also The Awakening Of The Intelligence by J. R. Krishnamurti, but each in its own has its story to tell. I welcome the opportunity to experience your story.

Devine Right [RET]
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