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rook then can go b1 for check.. but white king would go a6.. not c6.. as c6 would form stalemate..
This is a fork isn't it?The king is in the same column as the pawn and is gonna be checked by the rook if the pawn advances to a queen.If the king moves,the pawn will be eaten.Thus,moving the king to the same column(that is C) as the pawn would result in a certain stalemate.When the king moves to C column,the rook moves down at D1.So,whatever happens now will result in a stalemate,as the black side doesn't have many things to do,other than draw the game,by exchanging the black rook with the white pawn.Which,in fact means,that :

white pawn - c7 *
black rook can then d6,d7,d8 *
d6+ then white king to c5
error in line3: white king forks its pawn,stalemate imminent

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