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Hi, first of all I want to say that I am a newbie, only made 2 cracks for now, but now i'm dealing with a packed exe, and I have try everything to unpack. This is the link: http://censored/ . I have try OllyDBG to find the OEP but the application is not running to the end cause I have some access violation. Also I have try SoftIce but than when I launch the app it's detecting that softice is running and is not working. I have also try all unpackers but it's seems that the application is not packed with any exe compressor maybe they have their own algo for packing. What I have noticed when I saw the properties of the file is that it's look like a rar archive with SFX, so I have try to unrar it but it's saying that it has a volume missing and it could not be extract. The exe is running by itself so how could be 1 volume missing. Then I have tested the archive and it said that it's an old format rar 1.5 archive and could not be extracted...I have try also to attach to the process but almost with any app's I have try the answer is that could not attach to process. If i start SoftIce when the app is running the computer crashes. I don't really know what else to do if somebody with more experience want to help, I would gladlly give more details...

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