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Default Truecrypt bruteforce attack,forgotten password

Hi together,

ive got a truecrypt file (create myself) and forget my password. .... yes i do not remember it !!... that is the problem when you change password and do not remember it again... The problem is my password is about 6 or 7 words and numbers. Every "singel" word or number i know (i think so) . But not the order of words.
My question is now which bruteforce tool i can use to find my lost password ?

The tools i use are :

Truecrypt 7.1a (it is a hidden file)
TCbrute 2.3.4691.22681 for bruteforce
Combinator_v1.0 for creat wordlist

First i test it with a simpel password on a truecrypt file. (create new tc file for testing with a simpel pw) but it wont work. so i think the TC7.1a and my bruteforce tool are not compatible.
Have someone a good idea which bruteforce tool works fine with TC7.1a

Thanks from Niruzi
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