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Hi high6,
thank for your help. But the problem don't lie at the flow control because I fixed the flow control before decrypting strings.
It lies at the decrypt function because this function does not work with some Id. It works with most of Ids, but not with all IDs.
I think the decrypt routine of SA has errors. However I am not sure. And I do not intend to check that. .
For example: You can try your old code with this assembly . The Id 33e8 will not be accepted although it is used in this function

private static bool Method_02(bool flag1)
    DateTime time = DateTime.Parse("2009-02-22T00:00:00");
    if ((DateTime.Now <= time) && (DateTime.Now >= time.AddDays(-21.0)))
        return true;
    string name = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().GetName().Name;
    string message = string.Format(Class_04.Method_00(0x33e8), name, time.ToString("D"));
    if (flag1)
        throw new Exception(message);
    Class_02 mainForm = new Class_02(message, "{smartassembly} License Exception", "error");
    return false;
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