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Default Sentinel 8.1.1

the reason for this thread is acutally to pick a brain or 2 to see if i can get this software running.
I have this software. its protected using sentinel 8.1.1 rms.
i have a key to activate the licencing software and its still good till october. I just cant use it cause the licence request file listed a different ethernet mac as the host machine. Is there anyway to bypass this. Spoofing the mac id doesn't work.
Ill include a copy of the licence file, and a copy of the licence request file generated on the new pc.

Now ive been reading a little about this on this site and i know theres a couple gurus here that can decode these keys. Im curious as to the purpose for decoding them. I assume this is to recover information needed to create new keys.These tools needed to do this, i believe would be the 8.1 sdk of the rms, which is apparently really hard to get. Ive read a little over on the crackz site but all the sdks are locked up tight (not that any would work for me). I guess what im saying is this is going to be really impossible for me without some help. Wether it be a little guidance or some software or a link. I would really appreciate it.

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