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Originally Posted by ender View Post
Hey LibX. I've been trying to get up to speed on .net reversing, so first off, I just wanted to say I really appreciate all the stuff you guys have put together here at the RET board. It's really helped.

That being said ... in case it helps you work any kinks out of the tool, I just wanted to let you know that I tried running dotfucksator against a dotobfuscated binary the other day, and while being able to see the (mostly) decoded strings in the disassembler was great, I found that in any given class, many strings weren't fully decoded and still had several chars that were still in the '\u####' format.

If you wanted to take a look, the program I was messing around with was "Video Thumbnails Maker by Scorp". You can grab it here:

Just as a quick disclaimer, the app is already free/donationware, and I was only using it as something to practice on.

Anyway, thanks again for the great tool, and if you happen to find any time to figure out why some strings are only being partially decoded, would love to hear back from you.
Thanks for the bugreport ender il take a look at this file
And happy to hear you find the tools usefull

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