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Question How to emulate Eutron Smartkey 3

Hi there,

For the software I use I have the original dongles but because I work "in the field" it is easy to lose or damage them. Therfor it is great to emulate the dongles for obvious reasons (losing them means paying $$$$ again!)

On my laptop I allready have a Safenet Sentinel Ultrapro dongle emulated using the info from this thread:

Many thanks to y8y8y8y for the info, it works fine!

But I also have a Eutron Smartkey 3 which I like to emulate. Is it possible to use the vUsb emulation software from ru-board the same way as I did for the Safenet dongle? I followed the same instructions;

1. Create dumpfile (using eu_pbl.exe this time because it is a Eutron dongle not Safenet)
2. Convert dump file to ssp file using f1_nodongle.exe
3. Convert to regfile using ssp2reg.exe
4. Install regfile
5. Reboot

After rebooting Windows pops up the new-hardware found message but it installs the Safenet Sentinel drivers instead of the Eutron Smartkey 3 drivers... Can anyone help please?

Many thanks in advance!

Mr Moore
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