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Default Solution to SlmDec103 crash issues


I had a terrible time when I foudn that slmdec103 keep crashing while decoding the lic strings in lservrc.

I tried almost all possible options I could think of & read all threads which points to intel cpu, dual core cpu, AMD etc...but finally found a solution which makes me wonder how such a solution works???

OK. Enough of surprises..
Here is my method..
1. Open the lservrc file using lsdecode
2. Select teh lic string u want to decode.
3. rightclick on slmdec103.exe & select - Properties - compatablity mode - now select a versions of windows - start from win95
4. Run slmdec03 & paste the string to be decoded. If it crashes - goto step 3 & select another ver of windows.
5. Repeat till u find a windows version in which slmdec103 will NOT crash while decoding teh Lic string.

Presto!!! You are done & have decoded teh string.

Pl share if u have another method which works
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