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ARM 32-bit.

Speaking of which, small breakthrough: the file seems to be ARM dissassembly, big-endian, raw. I missed this before, because I was using a disassembler that was worthless.

If I disassemble the whole thing, I get some logical regions like:

      88:       e10f0000        mrs     r0, CPSR
      8c:       e38000c0        orr     r0, r0, #192    ; 0xc0
      90:       e129f000        msr     CPSR_fc, r0
      94:       e3a000d2        mov     r0, #210        ; 0xd2
      98:       e169f000        msr     SPSR_fc, r0
      9c:       e59f0388        ldr     r0, [pc, #904]  ; 42c
      a0:       e1a0d000        mov     sp, r0
      a4:       e28f0008        add     r0, pc, #8      ; 0x8
      a8:       e1a0e000        mov     lr, r0
      ac:       e1b0f00e        movs    pc, lr
      b0:       e1a00000        mov r0,r0 (nop)
      b4:       e3a000d1        mov     r0, #209        ; 0xd1
      b8:       e169f000        msr     SPSR_fc, r0
And some illogical places, like the very beginning:
       0:       ea00000a        b       30 
       4:       ea00000d        b       40 
       8:       ea00001b        b       7c 
       c:       ea00000e        b       4c 
      10:       ea000010        b       58 
      14:       ea000012        b       64 
      18:       ea0000db        b       38c 
      1c:       ea000013        b       70
Nothing jumps to those instructions, so unless it's someone's idea of debug info, it looks like garbage.

I think this might be progress.
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