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Angry Hello!

Seeing as the genral forum is read-only i couldnt anwser sna's questions up there for new members, so i thought i would introduce myself here

1) How did you end up at ?
2) What is your objective on this forum?
3) Which topics of discussion interest you the most?
4) What languages do you speak?
5) If you haven't - How come you haven't started any threads about topics that interest you?
6) Anything else you want to add.
1) Via crackZ website (great stuff!)
2)To learn/Discuss/Share info
3)Dotnet, anti-anti-tool tricks , Constraint systems, sociology/philosopy and most things RE
4)English and a touch of german (poor), Languages i speak computer wise are python and a meager amount of ilasm
6) :P

Regards , u!x
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