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Default dumped

was able to dump rockey 2 using dumper

got this as log..

Rockey 2 / SecureDongle X Dumper v.1.1 (public)
build on (13:33:14 Jul 7 2015)

USB DONGLE with Serial Number: 65542B212CF4C8D2
And trying to read it...

Search Rockey 2:
UID: 1235280883 [0x49A0E3F3]
HID: 1700014881 [0x65542B21]
Found Rockey 2 USB (1)
Rockey 2 UID: 1235280883 [0x49A0E3F3]
Rockey 2 HID: 1700014881 [0x65542B21]

Reading memory...
Memory block: 0: RY2ERR_SUCCESS (0x0)
Memory block: 1: RY2ERR_SUCCESS (0x0)
Memory block: 2: RY2ERR_SUCCESS (0x0)
Memory block: 3: RY2ERR_SUCCESS (0x0)
Memory block: 4: RY2ERR_SUCCESS (0x0)

Saving. Please wait...

Saved Dump_65542B212CF4C8D2.dmp
Saved Dump_65542B212CF4C8D2.dmp.log

IS this enough for making an emulator? Also can the exe be unpacked and patched ??
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