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Originally Posted by Andu View Post
@ LibX: Although I appreciate you offering and would want to know what you have to say in that regard I'm - as I already said several times - the wrong person as I'm not the developer of .Net Reactor.
Yeah you just happend to be some random software developer hanging around on this forum for about 2 years asking over and over again about one and the same protection system we labeled "crappy" for countless of time but you just keep trying

And you keep saying over and over again after every cracked sample that you need to get some other protection system.....but you never do.
Could you please explain why?
And maby its really time to move to something better i totally agree but why do you need us to prove that for you over and over again? Its plain boring.

I want to add to this that i cant think of *any* software developer that keeps looking at a protection system like you do and even promoting it after witnessing countless successful cracking attempts thats just insane weird.
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