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@Farjump: Of course, it's supposed to run.
I couldn't make it crash on any system I have available (32bit XP/Vista English, different service packs, different .NET versions and hotfixes). Please, could you give info about your OS/installed version of .NET framework and hotfixes/exception text?

What I can tell you already:
1) Most likely it won't run on 64-bit machine/OS. Blame .NET Reactor for not setting Assembly flags correctly. Bug seems to be fixed in final release of Reactor 4.0;
2) There are some anti-debug tricks used by .NET Reactor, therefore EXE may not run under your favorite debugger/unpacking tool. Try clean PC instead;
3) I ignored certain parts of .NET Reactor code that are never used on my test PC. If that's the case, I'll gladly fix my errors.

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