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Hi LibX,

What u are doing here is completely useless and specially a big was of time
Well, no, I don't think so. It helped me alot already

O and btw: the harder it is the more interesting it gets
Yes, the right word is not 'hard' but 'boring'

u don't prevent people from cracking your code by using a obfuscator or a protector u do that by implementing a good security system yourself.
I don't get the point. If someone is able to read and change my sourcecode in any way he likes, every 'security system' in place will simply be ripped out. So the first step is to prevent

A) that somebody can read the code
B) that somebody can change the code

These are exactly those two things that DnGuard, for example, is all about.

What's your definition of a security system given the cons of enforced open source?


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