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Default the clouds darken?

That sounds like bad news except my challenge has a different distinction.. and i dont need a lic file. If it required one, I would have it or buy it as my softwares and keys are up to date and legit, just ask my wallet. I need the convenience, of sh1t not hanging off my lappy when I'm working, and to avoid the pain of calling someone to drive many hours to me my keys, when i forget them. [It is happened more than once.)

Thanks for the link but later in the thread of which you posted the 1st page,"Luna Deadlock", Bfox provides three or so lines of mem as a solution. I want solve in the grandest way my own challenges but also, I've done very little on this earth purely on my own, as even the spirit of a memory can reveal those giants shoulders on top of where we alls stand. Perhaps my feet have grown very large right now. We all here thirst, for new information, for to extend yet another thread to the universe, to connect with the knowledge. Who can have interest enough to join me, LEAD me in to solve this riddle? I am quite capable so put me to your test of tasks. Or you can PM to me if you offer a solution. I can accept this because I will eventually have to get back to regular working. [The hours here have been quite enjoyable though. I can quietly get a feel for each ones personalities and through that the true overall mission speaks itself.] Again, for your time.

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