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Default Surviving Ourselves! REQUIRED READING

Two books you should checkout at the local library or even on the web cause i know Siddhartha is available as ebook for free are these two

Ishmael by Daniel Quinne

This is a story about a guy who reads a classified ad in the paper for a teacher seeking a student who wants to learn how to save mankind. Tells about alot thats wrong with world today and why we're headed for sudden disaster and also has an answer great read

Siddhartha by Herman Hesse

Haven't read this one but devine9 and haldir have recommended (<kw> its 'recommended' :P) this one so i trust em.

If anyone has any other humanity reversing or challenging of socially accepted canned views of world feel free to recommend them in this thread. If we get enough we will make a sticky post summing up all the inputs. Reversing is not just a mindset its a lifestyle
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