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Old 07-20-2007, 05:54 PM
BolleOne BolleOne is offline
Join Date: Mar 2007
Posts: 7

well i think its important to distinguish between goths that wear their clothes/ whatever they do to be different or if they became different because they wear those clothes ( in this case it would be affected by their environment).
Well also some people does not want to have contact with me only because i do make no bones that i some times consume "green tobacco" or because i do weird things. For some reason its ok if people disrespect people who do drugs but if i would disrespect someone because he believes in god or like to do other senseless thing then i would be called ignorant. So i guess it just depends of your point of view what can be called normal...
in general i guess there are 2 groups of people one wants to be normal and the other one wants to be different

for some reason i have the feeling that i wrote bullshit...
well maybe it depends that i cant express myself that good in english it or not..#care
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Old 11-23-2007, 05:50 PM
crislivinitup crislivinitup is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2007
Posts: 1

Hi, I just wanted to say something about what you said, "If you don't believe people are spoonfed to believe in a certain religion by their parents, think about this: Isn't it peculiar that for some reason all the people that believe in Christianity live in western countries? And that all the people that happen to believe in the Islam live in arab countries?". I'm going to Afghanistan in the military (going to be over after 10 months of pre-deployment training). Now we have to get culture training before we go over and one of the things I learned is that the Arab countries do believe in Christianity. They just have like a bible that comes after our bible. They believe in God but they don't think that Jesus is their prophet. So, I'm just putting it out there.
Other than that, I'd like to say that I myself don't like to be doing what everybody else is doing either. I think it's important to be an individual; I think it's equally important to learn from other people to build on your individuality by extrapolating the traits which, by your morals, values, and experiences tell you that you should adopt or not. In the end you are still an individual.
oh yea, I just wanted to add that I don't like doing what everybody else does just to fit in either. Just sayin.
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Old 11-29-2007, 10:13 AM
Silkut Silkut is offline
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: France
Posts: 20

FYI: hxxp://
Here is a picture that show Islam in the world.

You are angry after 'goths' because you think they fall in a mass movement like sheeps. But this is the case of every 'clothe style', why do you wear normal clothes ? To show you don't care about being cool or fashion, or goth. Why do they do care about wearing such clothes/stuff ? It started with the feeling of being different from / shocking the mass ! It became so a 'coolness' factor to being different or wanting to shock that it fall into a mass movement. What is the definition of being a sheep ? Acting like the majority of a social group is doing. What if the biggest movement is the counter-culture (You know, the counter-culture that was firstly condamning acting like sheeps) ..?
__________________ Crew
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