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Old 02-22-2012, 02:28 PM
cadcae2 cadcae2 is offline
Join Date: May 2010
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Default End License File Signature

This is the end of a license file

SIGNATURE=0701369CAD7491249A2C88FCD49E6338E58974A9 2A597899F39D1E7054DECCB6BBD39CC9C2DC6237510572369C 7F9DBB2A807F2097533985BACFCD315DEF94E2DAB8E181D41A FABF1811570BD02B653D4F0F04FE2E86D6E1B5CBC74936351E EA943D2677D6C5290BA38F5BCF94E8CC85E6391FD86D7389BB 43874AE54FDB7E0109B8955AEE72994145FEA0887BB42F2B05 A0B4CF04828E33D5C100FBD95362AC739FA7BC06B409E42B7B EB2FDBDCD3A546401FA3B6FBF659F594813CCFC6D4B1E18164 9CAB9305E70B9CAD1E38ED7C22B60831875DEF96C45C9EA32D EC8B42887EBBEE6C6B14A032A29CDA973ABF69F828FB5AEA2B B83F64A7DF33493F0589D8722A451727765B7BD94E26B77188 99BE14E5EC85E05993B7BE662E1CDE431CC6C344B2815EC301 3D28985D506EB76C873D4015A79B86E7BF512413AC7EA14033 34135043DA9F809E9EDB8357F6B0B7DBA407B3FE5D23743436 D0E0C5CD54C390AA45C2B05A152CC2F25D94BAFA847BD3F4CD 8583ACB7481987168DEB153C0303

I need to change the license file to have more days, but it says to me bad signature, how can i generate a signature like this and what program i need to do it? Help me please.
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