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Old 03-13-2011, 01:11 PM
louiswu louiswu is offline
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For what it is worth to the rest of the posters here, I've circumvented the problem I was having. I couldn't find anything saying that the dumper programs didn't work on windows 7. But still thought that might be it, so I wiped and did a win xp sp2 install. So far so good. Running hl-solver now.

Can anyone venture why I wasn't having any luck on win 7? I apologize if I overlooked an article that has already covered win 7 issues.


I've tried searching for the answer to this. Searching for "Server/Citrix Winframe detected" brought up a hit in the forum, but I cannot tell if it applies to me. No other relevant hits on Google. It seems like that convo was talking about HASP and I believe mine is Hardlock. That thread is

I'm attempting to do the whole process of dumping, solving, and emulating (I think those are the steps) a USB key that shows itself as:

Aladdin Hardlock Key
Aladdin USB Key

in device manager. Driver version is

The error I receive when I try executing hl-dump from the cmdline as so:

hl-dump.exe /dump 0xXXXXX


Term. Server/Citrix Winframe detected. (Error: 38)

In the other thread, someone suggested changing driver version to 5.22. I think I downloaded the right driver, but am not sure because instead of coming up as Hardlock in device manager, it came up as HASP. Being that the key works when represented as Hardlock, I was hesitant to try it as HASP. I'm worried I might damage the key (is this possible?)

Can anyone make a suggestion of how I might overcome this? I am using Windows 7 ultimate 32-bit. Other hits I get when searching for that error code go to Microsoft and Citrix, and so I was wondering if I should try this on a different OS, say WinXP. Of course, I do not have WinXP, so I am hoping for a Win7 solution.

Further issues are with the HASPHL2010 dumper/emulator program. I tried to get a dump from that - but I don't even have the option to press the dump button! Even if I enter the MODAD number. I wonder if it is being prevented from working for the same reason HL-DUMP does not work. I tried searching for this as well, but most issues seem to be with error code returns. I don't even get that far!

Thanks for any help you may be able to offer.

i tried using the driver suggested in the other thread. the dongle still works, hl dump does not.

can anyone say if i should try with an xp install instead of win 7?

Have I violated some newbie rule? Is that why I haven't received any responses?

Anyhow, I've tried some more things.

Toro monitor does see the dongle and gives info on the bottom of its screen.

When I try using the h5dmp tool, it says it doesn't find a dongle. If the 'server/citrix winframe' error from hl-dump and the grayed out options in hasphl2010 are also an indication of no present dongle ... what does it mean? I clearly DO have the dongle plugged in and it is driving the software just fine. Toro sees it.

What am I missing here? I know the community here wants people to do for themselves as much as possible. I hope I am doing just that. I just don't see what I am doing wrong. I still suspect that these tools don't like windows 7, but thats based on ... nothing really. Just a hunch. Can anyone confirm they've used these tools on win7?

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