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Old 12-19-2002, 02:49 PM
muaddib muaddib is offline
Join Date: Dec 2002
Location: Western USA
Posts: 29
Default Organized Religion (READ FIRST POST CAREFULLY)

This post is to discuss the possibility that organized religion is nothing but "mind control" tactics. This is NOT A RELIGIOUS FLAME WAR. Any deliberate attacks on a specific religion will NOT be tolerated. Facts about specific religions may be stated, as well as opinions, but there will be no outright attacking of anyone or their religion.

I personally believe that organized religion is a form of mind control. There are a lot of reasons but the most important to me is the fact that most organized religions believe that they are the ONLY right religion. How can that be? How can a tribal native living in the jungles of South America go to hell because he does not embrace Jesus. He has never even heard of Jesus. Organized religion is also mind control because one of the main goals of a religion (in my eyes) is to enforce a certain code of morals, ethics, and behaviors on a group of people. There are consequences for not following the path that the religion sets for you (you go to "hell", etc.) and this is not right. If God made us free to choose, he didn't make us free to choose with restrictions on what choices we can and can't make. That is not freedom.

Once again, NO attacks, NO flames. Opposite opinions are welcome, let's turn this into a good debate. Let's respect each other's opinions and express our own with dignity. I hope this doesn't create something bad...have fun : :shock:
muaddib at reteam dot org
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