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Old 12-21-2003, 11:06 PM
Devine9 Devine9 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2002
Posts: 180

Ah, well welcome to the site. I'm sure we'll have many interesting conversations in the future. It's good to see a new face? ;)

Now for your question. I've found, at least throughout my years with programming, that on the web there is a great amount of tricks that you can perform upon users coming to a website. The problem lies in the fact that there are VERY few people in the world who can really code activex that is worth a shit. Me not being one of these people. Unfortunately I can't comment for sure on whether there is definitely possibilities within the activex environment, but there is most definitely a lot of information that the activex can gather that would be considered uncomfortable for the user.

Your email password: No I do no believe that there is any way in which the website would be able to simply grab your email password. There is though, many ways in which they could do it via a trojan horse application. In this scenario however, there is a major risk factor in that if a user's virus scanner detects such an occurance, that there is a big chance that the user will track the problem back to the site and notify the authorities of the incident. So this somewhat removes this potential problem.

In addition to this i'd like to clear up the misconceptions on your post in the way of scripting engines. Indeed there are quite a few scripting engines that can be installed on your system in order for system scripting to occur. These scripting engines, aside from javascript and other small visual browser script solutions, are run via server side, not client side. So in other words, there is no chance of remote execution of source code on a system due to just a compiler being installed. For example, if i install vc++, a website can not compile/execute vc++ code on my system through a web browsing scenario, and the same is true for perl/ tcl/tk /python/asp/jsp/php/etc..

Again, it's my understanding that there is only really the possiblity of uncomfortable data being accessed during execution of activex objects as they run client side, however i'm not an activex guru.

+Greythorne for one, i'm sure has more information for this topic, lets hope he stops by.


Devine Right
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