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Old 07-03-2013, 10:25 AM
bladerelic bladerelic is offline
Join Date: Apr 2011
Posts: 7
Default help emulating dongle for Darkroom Professional

for months i've had trouble trying to emulate this dongle. i am using a windows 7 32bit laptop. the usb dongle says it's a SuperPro. the software is Digital Darkroom Pro 9.1 which can be downloaded from here
HTML Code:
here's the steps i have taken...

step 1: Dump With Safedump

E:\>safedump 0x8880 wp
  Key family is         = SuperPro
  Key form is           = USB
  Key has               = 64 cells
  serverName            = 0
  serverIPAddress       = 0
  serverIPXAddress      = 0
  version               = 7.5.0
  protocol              = NONE
  devId                 = 0x8880
  serialNum             = 0x4BAB
  capabilities          = SP_CAPS_AES_ALGO
  Password Counter not present. Bruteforce of WP should be safe
  capabilities          = SP_CAPS_SECURE_TUNNEL
  capabilities          = SP_CAPS_DISABLE_DEVICE_SHARING
  hardLimit             = 1
  inUse                 = 0
  numTimeOut            = 0
  highestUse            = 0
  subLicLimit           = 0
  subLicInUse           = 0

Processing dongle 8880
Finding write password...
Finding cell data...
Found 2 Query cells
cell = 0x0a
cell = 0x0c
step 2: run dmp2mkey.exe

Dmp2Mkey v2.5.9.1  Git 17DEC2011

Number of Query Cells = 2
0x0A 0x0C

DevID  = 0x8880
Serial = 0x4BAB
WP     = 0x784A

Cell 0x0A : standard, sig=0

Cell 0x0A has incorrect data . May be inactive, secure tunnel, or AES cell algo

Cell 0x0C : standard, sig=0

Cell 0x0C has incorrect data . May be inactive, secure tunnel, or AES cell algo

Processing time    0.015 seconds

Writing MultiKey Registry file...
Step 3: use multikey 19.1.8 (having trouble finding older versions)

of course the application does not detect dongle. i am guessing the error lies within the two cells having incorrect data, but i don't know how to verify.

here's a link to my dmp file
HTML Code:
and a link to my reg file
HTML Code:
is there any other information i need to include?
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