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Old 10-20-2009, 07:33 AM
tfaiers tfaiers is offline
Join Date: Oct 2009
Posts: 5
Default HASP4 Dump Error

Hello everyone,

I've tried as much as possible to read through the guides and posts to solve this without needing to ask daft questions but I think I'm missing something fundemental.

I've got a USB HASP4 key (That's what H5DMP calls it * HASP4 *)

I'm trying to dump the files needed to continue with emulating the dongle but I'm stuck.

This is running on Windows XP

I've got H4DMP, H5DMP and HASP HL Dumper which seemed to be the most commonly used programs.

I've also got HASPHL2007/2008/2009 to play around with.

I've got the original HASP drivers installed and the program works fine talking to the dongle, Toro reads the USB dongle and obtains the password without problems either.

Using Toro to obtain PW1 and PW2, these entries in each of the permutations of the dumping software gives me simliar failure results. I seem to be missing the link between the dumping programs and the USB dongle, I actually get the following:

H4DMP - 'Error! HASP not found or not installed original HASP drivers'

H5DMP - 'Found dongle: * HASP4 *' followed by 'Error(-3): No correct dongle found'

HASP HL Dumper 1.01 - 'Error!'

Can someone who's achieved this nudge me in the right direction please?
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Old 10-20-2009, 09:11 AM
besoeso besoeso is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2008
Posts: 118

You must remove filter toro monitor that you installed.

Then dump again.
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Old 10-20-2009, 10:28 AM
tfaiers tfaiers is offline
Join Date: Oct 2009
Posts: 5

Hi besoeso, thanks for the reply.

I did see in the Toro folder that there was a USB Filter driver which the readme said to install if Toro could not detect the device, I didn't need to install the filter driver as Toro recognised the dongle straight away.

I've just tried installing the filter driver just in case, but the PC wouldn't boot so I F8'd the system and booted up with last known good configuration.

Back to start again, any more pointers?

Do I need to load anything else when attempting to run the dumping programs?

More information: I've checked the device manager and there are three references to USB Keys:

Aladdin HASP HL Key driver v5.4
Aladdin HASP Key driver v5.4
Aladdin USB key driver v5.4
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Old 10-20-2009, 10:34 AM
SonofabiT SonofabiT is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2008
Posts: 351

@tfaiers - Try to uninstall the haspSRM (haspSRM Runtime) driver and then install haspHL driver.
Download here :
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Old 10-20-2009, 10:40 AM
benito benito is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
Posts: 685

look inside %SystemRoot%\System32\drivers if there is HardlockFilter.sys and if so delete it and restart pc.
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Old 10-20-2009, 12:17 PM
tfaiers tfaiers is offline
Join Date: Oct 2009
Posts: 5

I've uninstalled the HASP drivers (v5.4) and installed the version you suggested v5.22 but I still get the error message from H5DMP: 'Error(-3): No Correct dongle found'

I've tried renaming hardlock.dll from the drivers folder but then I get: 'Error(100): Dongle not found. Plug dongle, and try again'

The dongle itself is a stubby purple thing which lights up red with 'HASP HL' written across the back

[Merged, please use the Edit button to add to your post]

I have made progress. I noticed that the information in Toro differed slightly from what I was looking for, on the main screen, the password and serial number were listed, but the information dump listed the serial number as the password.

So I've now managed to get the hasp.dmp and hhl_mem.dmp files created.

Now I'm going to search the forum for what to do next!

Thanks for the help, persistance is the key.

[Sorry I didn't merge! ]

I thought I would update this for anyone who was interested.

I managed to emulate the key by doing the following:

1. Run HASPHL2007
2. Run Protected Program
3. Use Dumper to get key
4. Run dumped file through EdgeHASP to create DNG file
5. Re-run HASPHL2007
6. Install Driver
7. Open DNG file
8. Run Emulation
9. Remove hardware dongle
10. Run program

Now I can safely store away my hardware dongle key safe in the knowledge that it can't get broken!

Thank you all

Last edited by tfaiers : 10-20-2009 at 02:04 PM. Reason: Problems resolved
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