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Old 12-16-2002, 08:27 PM
w00tz` w00tz` is offline
Join Date: Dec 2002
Posts: 8
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Default logical fallicies

well, in every type of country or atomosphere, we can identify people by certain strengths and weaknesses, and through that we are able to exploit them, correct?

although you might think it is weird to bring this up, but reverse engineering, other than using physical objects and puzzles, thus solving them, is also very much a psychological challenge. the idea of reversing a person's moment of thought can be logically very strong.

for instance, logical fallicies are related towards arguments. now it is in my opinion that arguments, logical and stimulating, (not bickering between people) but more of a debate.

in this essay, i will define part of social weaknesses that allow for citizen manipulation or mind playing falicies that can identify the type of person.
i am currently pressed for time so i might do about 1 or 2 right now, but if i get positive feedback, maybe i will lets start:

first of all, a logical fallacy by definition means a misleading or deceptive reasoning. thats all its about, reasoning. but we have to ask ourselves, what really are we reasoning and upon what or whom's views? morals, values...blah blah blah, the reasoning, even though seems like a blockade of pure strength of words and logic, can also mislead and leave holes in the person's characteristic views.

for isntance, a fallacy called "Ad Populum" is used commonly,

cracking reference:
as with most unlettered reversers, you would hear softice: you either crack with it or you dont crack at all. hmmm...lets look at that reasoning a bit more, why start out with massive debugging and power that softice holds, why not use olly and work your way up as you grasp a better conception of how stuff works?

mostly this is related to the majority ruling or feeling, but lets see how we can exploit this into benefiting the knowledgable arguer. for instance, you have landed a job and suddenly there is a US War on Iraq , say this is a country that you particulary hate. your boss reacts vehmently and violently towards those who have oppoosed of those attacks and are anti-war. lets use the "ad populum" against him and exploit his feelings.

well, first he would complain to someone seeing on who cares. thats an open chance, we can analyze this as a result for some one to converse with, or he's lookign for a friend of some kind.'s where we reverse. you automatically start argeeing with his reactions, and approving of everything he says, even though you despise it. automaticallly, you have reversed your way from simply a worker to one with same intellectual thought, although this seems like common sense, it automatically doesnt ring to a person when it is accomplished. notice we have breached another argument exploitation, feelings, but that will be later (in another essay) gotten into. now, say a person questions the boss's views and feelings, the boss will then AVOID this argument by introducing a different fact, a new persective that by arriving at the consequence of the attack on Iraq, the US has solved another solution., terrorist and the mass weapon threat on the world. The measly worker simply agrees with this solution, forgetting his original argument, but you have automatically seen your boss's character and can now easily exploit it.

now because you support his actions, you have won a specific respect for his views, even though you hate them -- the boss can start thinking of entrusting you with valuable objects, such as the safe or money handling ordeals.

unfortunately, this essay must end as i have an exam to start studying for, but please, give me some feedback and some strengths where I have missed something, soon enough I will show you how to use logical fallicies to counter argue everything.
w00tzenheimer //
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Old 12-17-2002, 11:12 AM
muaddib muaddib is offline
Join Date: Dec 2002
Location: Western USA
Posts: 29

I liked the essay, though it could've been a bit longer. RE with the MIND is a very interesting and rewarding topic if you study it :) When I was in the military I got a very nice compliment from the person in charge of me -- "stop fucking with people's heads". I guess he was the only one that could see through it, but I had most of the people there eating out of my hand. RE of the mind can be a powerful thing and there are different tools you can use. Manipulative speech, manipulative body language, etc. I can't wait to here more about it! Keep it up :)
muaddib at reteam dot org
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Old 12-20-2002, 02:37 PM
Devine9 Devine9 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2002
Posts: 180

Well, its been some days since I saw this juicy post presented but I have been busy with other things in the meanwhile so I saved it for just such a time as now.

The examples that you brought up are quite sufficient in explaining the basics of this art, and quite complete, so i won't argue any of your points, I will however in this writing expand on these views for those out there that would be just learning this art, and hopefully we would gain on the knowledge here and in time we would stumble upon new knowledge for us all.

Without furthur ado I present my essay:


To begin I will reverse myself.. Notice my wonderful line there above. Everything above that line I put there for a purpose. When a person talks in every day life and when a person who has become comfortable online talks in text they are one in the same.. of course you don't see people walking around the street saying things like 'lol' and 'there ain't no way'. More often these are just expressions, and if you come to know someone's typing style on the internet then you take these expresions as something like body language. 'there ain't no way' then can be interpreted as "No there's no way" in a standoffish tone, and 'lol' can be interpreted depending on the amount of usage in the person's common text, as laughter that is either forced in respect for the person they are laughing at.. or as a louder laughter than 'hehe' and 'haha'.

Okay now that you can see that, if you read my post above the line a bit slower than you would normally read it if you were skimming it, and you try to visualize the person behind it. Then you should come up with:

'Well, its been some days since I saw this juicy post presented but I have been busy with other things in the meanwhile so I saved it for just such a time as now. '

It's obvious that the person in the post believes himself to either be a more advanced person on this topic, or he is bluffing. He also seems himself to be a teacher of a sort in this topic, and perhaps the 'busy with other things' is put in there to make himself feel more important.. or perhaps of course, he really was busy. The word juicy does stand out though. It doesn't fit with the rest of the feeling in the text. Presenting the idea that the ideas in the text that you are supposed to feel may be forced.

'The examples that you brought up are quite sufficient in explaining the basics of this art, and quite complete, so i won't argue any of your points, I will however in this writing expand on these views for those out there that would be just learning this art, and hopefully we would gain on the knowledge here and in time we would stumble upon new knowledge for us all.'

Well here we see a recognition of the poster of the article to which this is replying. The writer obviously is taking a regard for the knowledge that was brought forth prior.. or maybe he is just being polite And then we have our added touch at the end of the courteous, modest teacher.

'Without furthur ado I present my essay:'

Now this was the give away.. juicy didn't fit and neither does this at all. First of all 'Furthur ado' is stolen somewhere.. perhaps this person uses it commonly, but likely not, 'I present my essay' brings out hidden arrogance of a sort and together with 'Juicy' we see that this guy is forcing the feeling of the above paragraph upon his readers.. or his listeners if this was indeed a public speech. So now that we have the feeling that he is forcing his speech in our head we can re-analyze what he said and we come up with the attributes that the speaker is perhaps unsure of the topic he's speaking about, he's forcing a front on his speech, and he is a slight bit arrogant. Perhaps he is just being polite to the original poster.

Okay now before everyone decides this is how to view Devine9 when he speaks hehe just keep in mind that was an example above. Whenever someone is talking whether via text or speech there is always small things that slip through unless they are very good, in which case you can watch how they move, their eye movements, whether they shy from a look straight into their eyes, and in more advanced methods, how their presence feels in the room they are in. This brings us to the topic of charisma.. Genghis khan used this as well as Hitler and Charles Manson.. unfortunately they all used it in a somewhat lost direction.. but it is an extremely valueable tool in reversing your reality and particularly the reality of those around you. Unfortunately i don't want to get onto that topic here, perhaps someone else can carry on that essay after this one. This essay is strictly focusing on watching the movements and the feelings of someone's speech and language in whatever medium it may be. Once you are able to pick up on these things quickly while talking to someone, then you gain the strength to reverse however that person views you. When I was young, for three years I sat and watched the movements of everyone around me. My family moved often so there was not much point making friends, so i rather just stood back and watched the differences of the people around me from area to area, how they moved, spoke, and what hurts, and what people cling to if they are to cling to anything. Younger people are much harder to reverse than the old, as younger people have limited values, and do not try to stick to one belief system. For example they would act completely different at home than at school etc etc.. Of course not everyone has to go to this extent to learn this skill but i have found, myself, that throughout all of my years since that time very long ago, I have used what i learned there time and time again. There is a pattern to everything and where there is a pattern there is logic.. and where there is logic there is reversing. Trick is to know the logical from the illogical (when people are faking).

Well this seems like a particularly good place to stop for this post. I hope everyone learned something from this, and perhaps enough to apply it to their own lives. Faking your emotions is just the beginning. Living the new reality as if it were your own is quite another.

Devine Right [RET]
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