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Old 11-13-2003, 01:02 AM
illiax illiax is offline
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Default Social engineering incorporating memes

Well social engineering is the name of the game... I have come from reality cracking which is incredible( dam constructionism) and have come to wonder of the many oddities that exist in this world... not to sound too softheaded but in reality it seems that there does indeed exist multiple realities. I should elaborate as to not to be taken too literally( even though I did read a recent article on that did try to say there was evidence of parallel universes) We construct our own world views... mostly by filtering the information that we gather from our senses. I have come to learn of postmodernism without it's need for absolutes... where everything in relative, or perhaps I am mistaken on this but nonetheless I would say that relativity when applied to society is rather amusing. I wonder what would be analgous to the constant speed of light regardless of the reference system? That is a good question. anyway, not to digress as I so often do,social engineering it seems to come from the point of just exploiting flaws in the behaviors of people to some gain or another(and this is a stereotype and used only as a strawman to counter before a flame starts about it) but what of causing something different by social engineering... indeed engineering something rather than exploiting it. I must say in this vein, that the idea of memes are quite intreaging for if indeed ideas do propogate as viruses, then is there a way to create a meme( a virus) that would truly wake up the senseless masses to the world around them(again a stereo type). For example using Milton erickson's hypnotic techniques to instill critical thinking in idividuals( also nlp and linguistics falls in this field if I have any feel for the subject) and distributing them via music for example(stego works for more than computer information). I mean the idea of dissemination of critical thinking skill to general society through means that they are not even conscience of is well... using the system against it self(kinda a zen feel for me). I do realize there are ethical problems with this but, none the less it seems a very interesting idea. I would love to hear some feed back on this. Well it is rather amusing I just read the post on application of reverse engineering to philosophy... well personally I take the view that it can be applied, If any feel that they would benefit from the discussion it can be taken further...
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Old 06-05-2004, 08:20 AM
illiax illiax is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2003
Posts: 3
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Default I was cracked out, that is my excuse and I am sticking to it

Even though the previous post does make reference to some interesting ideas, I find that its presentation, and logic is rather lacking. I do so very much apologize for having brutalized all who read this monstrousity.

Furthermore, it would seem that after thouroughly checking into hypnosis, I should have approuched the subject with more skepticism that I had. One thing that was garnished though was he understanding of many mechanisms of society such as the distribution of information. What I did fail to realize is that this information should indeed carry a very low wieght.

Often when encountering information socially, one should go to great pains to evaluate the information provided rather than taking it at face value. I know this is something that is often advised, but it seems so rarely implemented.

However, the problem then arises, if one thinks criticaly about anything, it quickly becomes apparent that indeed there truly is no authority for anything in that everything is subjective and we have no means to be truly objective about anything.

Now this is quite the generalization, one not to be taken lightly, and if a flaw in my reasoning is apparent here please let me know. but it seems that we can never escape ourselves. We our bound at the very least by our humanity. Take for example the fact that we rely on our eyes to see things. I find it very amusing that so much of our observations about the nature of reality are based on this sense.

I find great amusement in heisenburgs ( spelling is probably off) uncertainty principle, we are going to observer a wave/ particle by hitting it with another. I think this is very reflective of the way we percieve our world in terms of our eyes, and how much emphasis we place on it. Yet, to say that this is the mode by which we arrive at the truth seems such hubris. However, this is indeed what we base our whole perception of the universe on.

I would greatly enjoy any feedback anyone has on this, as I have been spinning my wheels and getting nowhere.
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