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Old 04-24-2003, 10:24 PM
Devine9 Devine9 is offline
Join Date: Dec 2002
Posts: 180
Default Whats new with RET?

Well we made it. We've crossed over that whole exillerating experience of being the new faceless one on the block and we've slowly been moved back to where we now stand covered in dust at the bottom of that chest you remember from when you were a kid.

Well hopefully now that far back.. but just to give everyone an update for those that still venture into this here forum every once in a while... RET is very much alive, and very much working towards all of the prospective directions that were first laid out upon its day of creation. We have a wide range of projects up and coming that are being worked on. Unfortunately these things take time. You see, the hardest part about being the new kid on the block, is struggling against that ever looming uncertainty in the eyes of your beholders. Since the beginning we, in RET, have been working towards large projects.. but as you can see we've also been releasing some small shit along the way. We in no way plan on only releasing small things however, but rather, we are releasing these things to keep people interested in the site long enough for production of the larger things.
Beyond these releases though.. is this forum. The whole direction and philosophy behind RET is that this forum in coming years (we hope) will flourish into what will become somewhat of a hub to the reversing community. A place where people commonly come to share their thoughts, information, and troubles. And a place where knowledge is the price of admission. As you grow you are able to recieve more from your experiences within this site. Unfortunately this is not however something that just happens over night. It takes a lot of dedication and more precisely _motivation_ from the community and the group. With everyone's help this can happen, but we'll need to work for it.
Now, for present projects. RET should have some more small things coming out in the near future to tie us over and hopefully bring some enlightenment to a few out there. But it will probably be another month before we can bring out the big stuff.. so hang in there. And let us know your comments on this site. What projects you can suggest etc. theres a whole world of knowledge out there, under every stone, and within every new terrain.

Devine Right [RET]
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