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Old 09-29-2008, 10:50 AM
Moyt Moyt is offline
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Exclamation Jap 'Berserk' PS2 game in need of reverse engineering code for translation

To make things clear (if that's possible from me heh) I might have to babble on for quite a bit, and I thank you for your time.
Even if my efforts are wasted posting this I can't say I didn't try for the many people who are eagerly waiting for a translation!

So here's the story....
I'm quite the fan of Japanese import games... that's because a lot of good games don't make it outside Japan and we (me being in the UK) end up with a lot of the mainstream games missing out some gems that should have made it across to the West!
When I play import games I use online guides that translate items, storylines, dialogue etc etc so I have to flick back and forth between pc and games console on the TV to see what's what. Annoying, but I'm used to it now.
HOWEVER... luckily instead of just finding an online guide I stumbled across a site that actually translates and creates patches for import ps2 ISO's, and as a result the game plays in English!; menus, dialogue text etc.
The site that works very hard on Japanese to English game translation projects is called TRANSGEN.
I know barely anything about the process involved in doing such a task, but I do know for every game they work on there are always new problems they have to overcome. With that having to go as far as making their own tools and all sorts to achieve what they want.

However this time they have hit a wall it seems with the game 'Berserk' for Japanese PS2.
The translation part is no problem as they have someone on standby for that. I think it's more about taking the data to translate out of the game, BUT WHEN INSERTING the data BACK into the game translated is where the problem lies. The game 'Berserk' for PS2 uses a certain encryption/compression (I am told) that the Transgen team are not very familiar with and have difficulty overcoming. I'm guessing this is where the reverse engineering experience is needed to help the project.

This is all by far beyond my understanding, but I am calling out to anybody who could please help. Or at least have a chat in the Transgen forums and see if any hints can be given to help the guys better understand the problem so that hopefully they can overcome them.
HERE'S a request thread I started for the game 'Berserk' to be translated. The problems stated are on the 2nd page from the main admin 'Saito'. I finally got the thumbs up from Saito and gave the go ahead that they would start the translation project on this game, but obviously there are problems to face before anything can be started.
This is where (fingers crossed) I might find someone who can give a help in hand.

As for me I'm not part of the Transgen team, just the pawn going around trying to gather the right people to make this happen But not only that, I'm doing this for hundreds maybe thousands of fans who will never get a chance to see this game translated...
HERE's just 1 petition site wanting an English version released of Berserk. 4000+ people wanting this game over in the West, when it's never going to happen. 4 years later since the Japanese release and still nothing... yet people are still signing the petition knowing it will never be released lol. But should THIS project get pulled off....A LOT of people are going to be happy!

Pheeew I guessing I better stop yapping away further, sorry if your eyes have dried out

Before I go off this site is the best chance I have right now of finding help. If anyone has suggestions for other places I could ask that would be great also.
Again thank you very much for your time, and if any help can be given I really hope this project takes off! Hopefully 4+ years of waiting can end

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